Philanthropy & Impact

Philanthropy & Impact

Finding purpose. Achieving impact.

VP Bank has a long history of taking action and ownership to foster a sustainable foundation for the next generation. This can be traced back to the ambitious vision of Guido Feger, who founded VP Bank in 1956.

In line with this vision, we have created a dedicated Philanthropy & Impact unit to carry our values further. Our clients and partners want to realise their family values, create personal legacies and maximise the catalytic effects of their philanthropic endeavours. We help families by asking profound questions and bringing our seasoned team of experts to the table.

We have defined two clear pillars of action:

  1. The Philanthropy Catalogue
    For donors who are looking for a suitable cause to give meaning to their donations, VP Client Solutions offers a carefully curated selection of partner foundations, trusts and charities. Our Philanthropy Catalogue is easily accessible via the Internet and is tailored to donors’ individual needs. You can search by region, theme and purpose, while a user-friendly dashboard shows the latest developments and impact that you have had on the community and society.
  2. Philanthropy consulting
    For donors who would like to set up their own donation or trust, we offer a range of professional partners. We also provide comprehensive consultancy services and support for individual plans, including assistance for donors in setting up personal legacies for themselves and/or their families. Liechtenstein hosts some of the world’s most renowned foundations, as the country is a very attractive location for international families. Our partners have a track record of working on complex structuring models, as in our experience, families tend to require tailor-made solutions to meet their needs.


Your advantages

  • Professional, expert advice from a team with an international track record
  • Legal foundation entity in Liechtenstein
  • Reporting and monitoring services for donation allocation
  • Become a member of the VP Bank Philanthropist Community


The Philanthropy Catalogue

The key service offered by the philanthropy & impact unit is the philanthropy catalogue, which is carefully curated and is comprised of local and international charities, NGOs and foundations. It provides a selection of meaningful contributions to tackle global challenges. For ease of use, the catalogue is divided according to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals and by region.


Philanthropy consulting

As a partner or client, you can choose which themes and regions are most important to you. By making use of our professional expert advice and dedication to growing with our clients, we can work together to create solid foundations for generations to come. A measurable, transparent framework ensures a clear overview of the capital allocation, be it through a donation or a sustainable investment opportunity. We want our approach to be robust and credible in the eyes of our stakeholders and aim to set an example in the finance industry by taking a fresh approach to combining social and environmental actions.


Philanthropy & Impact

Responsibility is in our DNA. With Philanthropy & Impact, we are able to offer a complete range of products and services in the area of responsible investing, building a new paradigm in effective philanthropy and helping clients to create new perspectives, achieve new goals and leave lasting legacies.
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