Direkte Privatmarktanlagen

Direct opportunities in private markets

The power. Of networking.

Direct private market investments offer unique returns in individually defined focus areas.

The characteristics of direct private market investments differ from those of collective / indirect private market investments, such as private equity funds. The crucial factor for the investor or group of investors (club deals) is the option to be directly involved in the economic success of the investment. Decisions can also be made based on other parameters, such as international diversification, flexible sale of the investment, exclusively financial or strategic considerations or the method of financing. You can access the ecosystem on the buy side and the sell side.

Typical transactions include:

Buy or sell companies or participations including growth capital
Co-Investment clubs
Creation and maintenance of co-investment clubs or structures typically used in capital markets
Project funding
Financing of projects on both the equity capital and debt capital side
Real estate purchase/sale
Purchase and sale of individual real estate properties or entire real estate portfolios
An excellent network

A key factor for success is direct and confidential access to the relevant market participants and unmediated contact with decision makers. The Private Investments Partners team enables dedicated access to a wide range of opportunities and partners from family offices, entrepreneurs, financial intermediaries and institutional investors.


Sustainability criteria play a central and defining role in the closely monitored sectors. Topics that typically receive particular attention include renewable energy production, health, sustainable food production, technology and real estate with socio-economic relevance. Of course, other industries and sectors will also be considered at the request of our clients.

Tailored to your requirements

We ensure successful implementation by finding the right structure and form (e.g. funds, special-purpose vehicles, foundations, tokens) in a coordinated manner. Naturally, we can also use your existing investment vehicles.

Our overall priority is to achieve a flexible and tailored solution for our clients.

Your advantages

  • International and experienced team of investment bankers and entrepreneurs.
  • Private transactions need to remain private and are made available to a small number of individuals/ institutions in keeping with the objective at hand. A comprehensive network accompanied by an intelligent ORBIT matchmaking process ensures proper handling of private transactions.
  • Solutions and transactions which are based on the individuality of the situation and the client are more successful.
  • The choice of means is adjusted to the issue at hand and is generally open-ended.
  • We are an international bank. Globalisation is a reality, offers many opportunities and should be utilised carefully.

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