Privatmärkte – Kollektivanlagen

Private markets – collective opportunities

Simple solutions. In a complex world.

In some situations, it is beneficial to enter a market, region or segment with broader diversification. To address this need, VP Client Solutions has developed a comprehensive range of services in collective private market investments.

The Services we offer in Collective Private Market Investments

Portfolio construction
Support in the construction of your private market portfolio
Fund selection
Selection and screening of private market managers
Monitoring of selected private market managers

Diversified Private Market Mandates

Our mandate solutions allow you to reach your private market goals more efficiently and with interests aligned. This can be particularly suitable if you are not in a position to dedicate substantial resources to construction, selection and monitoring. You determine the barriers and constraints of the mandate, and VP Client Solutions will then professionally execute the agreed strategy. In order to align our incentives with our partners, VP Bank also invests on a regular basis into the instruments of the mandates.

Advantage of our Service

Alignment of interests
VP Client Bank invests on a regular basis in the selected private market instruments on the recommendation list, ensuring that our objectives are aligned with yours.
Due diligence
Before any commitment is made, all investment proposals undergo a rigorous process in which we carefully perform due diligence. Our investment funnel is concluded by a strong investment committee made up of seasoned industry professionals.
Ongoing product monitoring
As we are invested in the recommended products, ongoing monitoring is assured.
Permanent improvement
We strive to develop, improve and expand our services permanently within the private markets segment. You can expect the service range regarding private market investments to increase consistently over time.

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