Accessing the ORBIT ecosystem

Systematic access. To your investment solution.

The Access Partners team is dedicated to handling and supporting all ORBIT-related interactions with care. The set-up is designed to ensure a smooth ORBIT journey for all participants.

The main activities offered by the Access Partners team include:

  • Ensuring a seamless onboarding procedure for counterparties joining the ORBIT ecosystem
  • Curating ORBIT’s range of products and services according to participants’ preferences, making use of ORBIT’s intelligent matchmaking process
  • Coordinating and matching the needs and requirements of all ORBIT participants
  • Ensuring the necessary connections are made between VP Client Solutions’ product teams, relevant third-party offerings and ORBIT participants
  • Acting as the interface between VP Client Solutions’ and the market for counterparties looking to invest or in search of financing


The Access Partners team introduces specific investment products and structuring services, based on participants’ preferences. The more precisely these preferences are communicated to the Access Partners team, the more relevant opportunities and services will be suggested. One of the Access Partners team’s goals is to add efficiency to any participant’s investment and structuring activities. Access Partners acts on the buy and the sell side.

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