Ultimate convenience. With artificial intelligence.

VP Client Solutions has developed a modular, open-architecture access and structuring platform based on the private markets theme: ORBIT Core.

ORBIT Core brings together all our products and structuring services, combining those of VP Client Solutions with our carefully selected partner offerings.

  • ORBIT Core uses state-of-the-art technology
  • The use of artificial intelligence enables us to continuously improve the quality of processed results
  • Solutions and applications from third-party providers are integrated, ensuring the latest and most effective solutions in the fields of fintech, private markets and technology are made available to all ORBIT participants
  • ORBIT Core offers an accurate and precise matchmaking process, applied on every side – whether buy, sell, investor or originator


ORBIT Core is constantly developed and improved. In the future, user-friendly, external front-end access will also be available for all ORBIT participants.


Orbit Core Advantages at a Glance

  • ORBIT Core offers a matchmaking process on an international level. This makes it possible to find matches beyond country borders.
  • ORBIT Core is able to learn. Over time, suggested matches will become more precise and efficient.
  • ORBIT Core is able to deal with large amounts of data. This yields more accurate results than any conventional approach.
  • ORBIT participants are in control of their own data input. This allows them to steer relevant results. ORBIT Core treats sensitive data with great care

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With ORBIT Core, we ensure an intelligent matchmaking process, connecting ORBIT participants with the private market investments that match their needs. Contact us simply by telephone or by using the contact form.
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