ArtMeta Metaverse Premiere in Basel

Reading time: 2 Min
During Art Basel, VP Bank and their partners ArtMeta, Swappable, APC Capital, Night Gallery, Liberty Specialty Markets and Haas & Company AG held an exclusive event to premier an art collection in the Metaverse.

Art enthusiasts  experienced a hybrid art exhibition where they were able to view art works such as the original Marylin of Andy Warhol as well as experiencing the very same art work in a virtual space in the Metaverse.

Insightful panel discussions on the future of digital art moderated by Dr Céline Chi Hae Wong and Alissa Alekseeva gave in depth knowledge on expert advice how the future of the art market will be complemented by the virtual space. 

As VP Bank, we are delighted to be the trusted partner that provides the tokenization service. With that contribution amongst our partnerships we are supplementing the digital assets supply chain.