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VP Client Solutions provides unique solutions to access and unlock the potential of private markets.

Welcome to VP Client Solutions, founded in 2020 to accelerate VP Bank’s development into an international Open Wealth Service provider and a trusted curator of private market investments.

Private markets have been characterised by strong demand in the past few years and are an excellent alternative to traditional asset classes.

Investors typically face a number of entry barriers and challenges when trying to access private markets. Minimum ticket sizes can be substantial and banks usually withhold access unless you open a custody account with them. Even in cases where access is granted, investors are faced with mostly standardised products and untransparent fee structures.

As a result, most investors look for investments in their own network, which leaves them with a narrow selection, limited geographic reach and significant operational hurdles. VP Client Solutions has rebuilt this market by creating the ORBIT ecosystem.

ORBIT participants enjoy these advantages:

  • Effortless access for professional investors
  • No custody account (with VP Bank) needed to join
  • Buy- and sell-side optionality: get access to both, so you can enjoy attractive private market investment opportunities and identify co-investors for your own investments
  • Intelligent matchmaking: VP Client Solutions ensures only relevant investment opportunities in line with participants’ preferences are suggested by ORBIT
  • Modularity: full flexibility with the modular VP Client Solutions value chain
  • Growing international community ensures knowledge exchange and broad investment opportunity access

How we make private markets accessible for you

ORBIT ecosystem

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VP Client Solutions

VP Client Solutions provides unique solutions to access and unlock the potential of private markets.